Melissa Brewer, Associate Partner, Senior Interior Designer - BKV Group

"As the Lead Interior Designer for my team, it would be an understatement to say that it is truly a dream whenever we collaborate on projects with Pam and the F5 Theming crew. It allows our design team and clients complete creative freedom to dream big because we know Pam and her crew can make our visions come to life.

They are world class creative artists who take great pride and joy in their craft, they do whatever it takes to meet deadlines, and stay flexible when things need to change (and things in the design world always change!). It is this unusual mix of world class skills, amazing humility, and professionalism that make them such a delight to work with and the end result is always pure magic.

Their creative skills reach far beyond what your typical theming group can achieve. Over the past 5+ years we have collaborated on many large and small projects including huge painted murals, various theming designs, foam and metal sculptures, exotic creature creations, lighting fixtures, and furniture designs to name only a few.

They are the ultimate creative theming ninjas. In a world surrounded by things that sometimes don't make sense. they remind us that dreams and magic really do exist...they are making the world a little brighter one project at a time. "

Jim Schumacher, Senior Director of Facilities - Epic Systems


“I have had the pleasure of working with Pam Price for 6 years and she and her team have never disappointed. Pam’s team brings a level of expertise and quality that is off the chart – they can take a creative idea and magically develop it into a piece that the owner loves. They have completed work for us in a variety of media, with a variety of goals including realism, the fantastic and show stopping.” 

Theresa Andrews, Interior designer / Owner - Interiors


“Intuitive. Creative. Reliable. These words describe why it is such a pleasure to work with Pam. She understands our design direction immediately, and quickly interprets it into a masterpiece. We can always count on her to come up with creative, effective solutions when we are in need of a unique one of a kind design. Truly a transformative artist!” 

Lisa Girolami, Executive Producer - Walt Disney Imagineering


“Pam is my number one choice for any work related to creative development and production. She’s highly skilled, and understands the client’s needs, and can interpret any design into a realistic, high quality execution. Pam’s passion for her work shows throughout the project and her leadership is exemplary in the industry. Whoever gets Pam Price on their team – wins!!”